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NGYX srl is a company (BE0729.531.456) located in Belgium, close to Liège. It has various activities ranging from Diagnostics for Health Care to Drônes mediated analyses (agricultural / social events / ...)

1. Oncology: ITREAT (Immuno Therapy Responder Evaluation & Associated Treatments)

    We use a proprietary approach (related in some ways to TMB & MSI), panel independant (as long as with a minimal size; in some cases testing samples need to be provided to calculate a baseline) to score 0-100 the expected availabity of Immuno Therapies (drug based associated). Requires FASTQ or BAM files (hg19/hg38) to be provided using HD supports or via sFTP or a cloud link.

     To know more about it: ITREAT (click)

2. HIV1 Drug Resistance: HIDRA (Human Immunodeficiency Drug Resistance Analysis): Coming soon :-)

NGYX Pierre Lecocq. Contact / Address / Info.

Rue des Hausseurs 10, 4550 NANDRIN BE/BEL

Mobile: +32 498 532496 Email: admin@NGYX.BE # VAT: 0729.531.456 BIC:AXABBE22  IBAN: BE35 7512 0993 6800